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Preachers of the glory!
Preachers23 June 2011, at 08:17 by Kathir KathirveluAdam ArifinLook at their makimaikalum camiyarkalum fame!
Look at their makimaikalum camiyarkalum fame!
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JUNE 22, * development of preachers who ruled India, they were amazingOne would, within .*
How could the people themselves of their funds வளர்த்துகொண்டார்கள் kollaiyatittuIt is amazing when you see that is fantastic!
Kanchi cankaraccari **: * cankara of Kanchi Mutt and cankaraccari jeyantiranTo exceed several thousand crore worth of assets.
* Praise: * New varataraja Perumal temple manager * kill *. cankararamanAuditor mantaiveli ratakirusnanai attacked in Chennai. Chennai tiruvallikkeniMadhavan, who was hit. New cankara night left the monastery in Nepal *One woman ran to the head of the Kaveri. *
* Anuradha Ramanan, a Brahmin girl, hand, if * he iluttatTV tears, poles and gave the interview. * Women's ReservationNever, not to say the Tamil kutamul Sankara University .*Re.1 crore Indian Bank to the Corporation received funding from the bad. RawFlirt with actress could start with the letter.
Piremananta **: * piremananta priest had ashram near Trichy.He has assets worth several hundred crores. Several hundred acres of landAshram, and jewelry, money and told him that accumulate kitantana crores.
* Praise: * drug business, the young and poor women in the AshramFor velinattukaran gave up, killed *. It killed him,Recorded case was in jail for rape. For this crimeThe court gave a double life sentence for priest piremananta.
Nithyananda **: * 32 vayateyana From Surya tiruvanna in the mountains of IndiaBorn. * 1200 centers in 33 countries, Hindu University of AmericaPresident, Mysore-Bangalore road outside the area of ​​200 acres talaimaipFaculty. Major influence,
* Praise: * Sami Nithyananda, actress Ranjeeta Boobs. AshramNaked women dancing takes place in the United States en: Las VegasDancing with the hotel after they played them in clubs nirvanamakki *Room and have sex with them.
* Software enjiniyar educated woman asked you to come and buy alcohol, religionPalavantapatutti telling him he's unconscious because of alcohol *When the raping. They disturb the lives of many women.
6 types of magic tricks on the 64 sex-life* Relate that, when learned that being nude, sexThe need to engage in such.
Claiming that his meditation to the altar to the * women with a 10 pageSigning the purchase agreement, claiming that women like * cheatingDouglas McCann had sex by the wife of the United States .*Shyamali apakarittatu from him *.
Shiv murattiveti *: * He was a disciple of Satya Saibaba. Self Temple, Pune,Varanasi, Lucknow, Bangalore and assets worth hundreds of millions in the cities.
* Praise: * Mining Co. in the room on the false pretext of young women cheat as much INNOVATIONWas involved in the industry *. College students, many women vimanappaniWomen, separated women and their husbands to keep mine inside the room of the templeHeld up prostitution.
C rich people living in Delhi. R. Park, ake Puram Sector 3,Pikaji Cama Place (mukammatpur), Safdarjung enkilev (hiyumanpur),And tevli (Jawahar Park) and the false pretext of 5 locations civmura tivetiOwned accommodation. The police sealed the 5 areasPlaced. * DelhiApart from the tourist attractions of women in Uttar Pradesh, Shimla sent to* The millions earned through prostitution.
** Kalki Bhagwan:: Kalki Bhagwan that Naidu lamented. * Kalki incarnation itselfAnd his wife as mother of Lord சொல்லிக்கொண்டவர் find himself .*Receives a fee of Rs 5000 will be forced to devotees. SpecialVision for a fee of Rs 25,000. Do homam Rs 60,000 fee.
* Praise: * * only Rs 240 crore in the name of Mother prayers, lamentedNaidu, son of the devotees in the name of real estate swindles Rs 3000Scoring crore *. For foreigners to be the party of young women in the ashramProvided. Drug hoarding, fraud, made millions of rupees.
** Baba Ramdev: Yoga therapy and medicines sold in North IndiaBaba Ramdev's business is doing * 400 million a year budget. * BabaRamdev's total asset value of more than 1100 crore.
* United States 100 acres of land in the ashram in Los Angeles. AnotherOwned island in the country *. Expensive foreign cars, in tanivimanatParade. Right now a helicopter pilot in the right * * Powers said.
Baba Ramdev Yoga Centre in Haridwar in the city before dropping to a memberHas written a large billboard advertising fees. * CasualMembership fee of Rs 11,000, respectable member fee Rs.21,000, a special membership fee of Rs. 51,000, lifetime membership feeRs. 100,000, * Booking fee of 2.51 million, a founding memberThat payment of 5 million as a jeweler's verbal AdvertisingCalling.
** Shree Swamiji: * U.S. state of Texas that Sri SwamijiThe location of known sage pirakasanant Saraswati. For him there, * 200Acre is the ashram *. Countries outside the temples, hospitalsThere.
* Praise: two women in his ashram, sexuality *Has trouble *. The two women are related to policeComplaint. The case happened in the district court. * At the end of thisPriest was sentenced to 14 years in prison, a fine-imposed 45-thousand.
* Sathya Saibaba: Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh, he's cayipapatan.* He has properties in 165 countries. Every year at least 55Saibaba tirastukkuk * income of millions of dollars.
* Praise: * * The massacre at the ashram. He was behind the death of his roomWhen you open up millions of money and jewelry kotiyay, like diamonds *Had a treasure. Saibaba websites and ஹோமோசெக்சுவாலிட்டி * that *If you come to search for stories that fall much.
Srisri iravicankar **: * a hill near Bangalore, 99 from governmentYear lease, "the art of living 'to get payment400 billion annual trade value of iravicankar srisri teaches.
Bapu Ashram Matric Higher **: * New Delhi, organized by the Ashram Bapu Ashram Matric Higher than a year ofBusiness 350 crore budget.
Cutansan makaraju **: * Meditation centers throughout the country operates cutansanMakaraju 300 million budget for the year.
Mayi amirtananta **: * Schools, colleges, hospitals, etcMata made commercially amirtananta mayi-year budget of1200 crore net worth of Rs 400 crore over .* amirtananta mayi.
Murari Babu **: * only for the rich to pay many thousands vankik150 crore to conduct meetings arulurai with Murari Bapu.
And these are only orantukkuriya budget. An even cleaner solution is worthToo many times.
** Pankaru sage: colleges, hospitals, hotels, multi-proxyIndustries go, the main setting melmaruvattur to create for themselves.
** Deepak Thakur: transcendental meditation to the Whites in the United States,Many of the world that will teach Yoga alava million fraudDollars of income earners.
* Extremist preachers: *
Swami acimananta **: * tans in Gujarat State vanavaci KalyanAshram ashram in the name. Palakoti rupee assets.
* Praise: * Malegaon, Hyderabad, Mecca Masjid and the Dargah of AjmerNow the main culprit of the blasts took place in locations .*Is serving a sentence.
Satish Pragya ** female saints: * The sage hintuttuva. For himUnlike regular preachers in the ashram.
* Famous * a * series of bomb blasts in India from the brainsOperating. Malegaon, Hyderabad Mecca Masjid blasts, such as:Advice and economic aid to performance.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, transcendental meditation centers ituvallamal * * *, * of rajinisAshram, Hare Rama Hare Krishna * branches Vethathiri of Maharishi KundaliniCenters, * Jackie Vasudev, * பிரார்த்தனையிலேயே "* cure 'narceytikConduct meetings in New York * mutalanorum above D.G. S. koticuvaraPeople in the list of preachers.

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